Dr. Goldner's BEST SELLING BOOK is a must have for both men and women at all levels of their professional career...


"As a new mom just coming back from maternity leave, this book was very timely for me. It is so helpful to hear Dr. Goldner's perspective on this important topic. It is a hugely personal decision and so helpful to be provided with a toolkit to help define personal expectations. Importantly, this book is comprehensive and without judgment or bias. Because of that, it is accessible for all types of women with different life goals. An overall quick read if you don't work through the "Your Turn" exercises but they add real value to your journey."  -Elaine Goldstein-


"Both men and women can learn how to integrate their roles and have a fuller, richer life from this wise and timely book. Kudos to Dr. Goldner for publishing such a positive message!"  -Kimberly Steele-


"I am in my 40s and this book would have been so helpful if I'd read it in my 20s, right when I got out of college. The stories of successful women and how they balance their personal and professional lives was extremely beneficial and insightful. I think if this were taught as a course or workshop where people could engage with others on the same path it would bring even more value. I would definitely recommend reading and keeping this in your career reference library."   -C. Nixon-